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nurgle war cry

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The Daemons of Nurgle include the following: Warhammer Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Seeing a friend’s battlefield wound blacken and ooze blood-tinged pus, the stench of its rot choking the air of a barracks, is a reminder of the frailty of all mortals. The same tomes and other forbidden texts that have attempted to describe the lord of the land himself have, for the most part, agreed that the idea of Nurgle’s realm being a perverse, deadly, and yet strangely beautiful garden best puts Chaos into terms they can fathom. Like a normal garden, the domain of Nurgle is home to a bewildering array of flora and fauna, all interconnected and supporting the whole. A moment's journey from the Mansion are the Death Beds, a place he visits more often than perhaps any other. The Cult of Shallya tends to personify the source of all disease, naming the Dark God Nurgle as the force behind all contagion. An unwary cult leader who allies with these creatures is likely to meet a grisly death when he is no longer of any use to them. Even the process of creation is but the precursor to destruction and decay. He knows that the journey down the path does not stop, but the machinations of his brother are vexing and irritating just the same. Boils, bogeys, rot and pus! For others to stand on their graves and proselytise? There they dangle and rot, slowly dying but never quite finding release. The Chaos Gods, also known as the Dark Gods or the Ruinous Powers, are powerful deities which dwell in the Realm of Chaos and command daemonic servants. Operating in the role of heavy infantry, the Astartes of the XIV Legion were experts at survival and endurance, and quickly gained a reputation among the other newly-forged Legions as relentless and disciplined fighters. He never wants to destroy, but rather to improve, to instruct, and to reveal the hidden wonders of disease. Depending upon the predilections of its leader, and the ebb and flow of the cycle, a Tallyband may also include Beasts of Nurgle or swarms of Nurglings, although such anarchic beasts rarely remain with the formation beyond the duration of a single battle. He is most generous in bequeathing his diseases to mortals, all of whom he regards with great affection, and he ensures that rich and poor alike share the rotten fruits of his labour. The struggle to forestall decay moves people to action. Revel in the beauty of putrescence and be reborn a living symbol of perseverance.". ", Nurgle It is most commonly called the Lord of the Decay but is also known by many names such as the Fly Lord, the Great Corruptor, the Master of Pestilence. All Chaos Gods have a dual nature, but Nurgle, more so than any of the other Ruinous Powers, understands that the supposedly separate elements of his essence actually work together in a self-sustaining cycle rather than standing apart from one another as different explanations of the same thing. Even the reinforced physiology of the Space Marines could not fight off the dire plague as it bloated the guts, distended the flesh and rotted its victims from the inside. "Suffer and despair!" Slaanesh watches the happenings of his kingdom from within his palace or wanders the universe seeking to tempt mortals into giving up their souls to satisfy his hunger. It is the Embracing Grandfather who encourages his followers to defy the doom of mortal corruption, and instead use it as a source of strength and inspiration. This is Nurgle’s Mansion, and that means that it is also a place of hope and renewal. Tzeentch. If the concoction does not meet with Nurgle's approval, he gulps down the contents of the cauldron, vomits it back into the pot and starts afresh. So despair, and in your desperation, find purpose.". Like the stages of the diseases they carry, each Plague Legion is part of an overarching cycle of fecundity and decay, and exists only to see Nurgle’s garden flourish and his gifts bestowed. [4f], The god of the skaven, the mysterious Horned Rat, shares Nurgle’s ideals and would see the entire Old World laid low by pestilence. These tensions became most clear in the period directly preceding the first battle of the Horus Heresy at Istvaan III, when approximately one-third of the Legion was judged by Mortarion to be likely to remain loyal to the Emperor when the Legion joined the Warmaster Horus in his rebellion against the Imperium. His sacred colours are sickly greens, yellows, and browns. Nurgle spreads disease through subterfuge, whispering to his followers to mingle with the masses whenever possible. From such war springs more of the richness of life and death, of triumph over adversity. Khorne’s reckless urge to destroy upsets him, for Nurgle has a patient and nurturing heart. The skeletons of some ruined villages long claimed by the forests surely still remain undiscovered, where entire populations were stricken by the plague. [1f][2a][2c], Out of all the Dark Gods, Nurgle is perhaps the least worshipped amongst the tribes of the North. So far the following mechanics and characteristics has been confirmed: 1. Upon the decay of the living untold numbers of bacteria, viruses, insects and other carrion-feeders thrive. I knew then the path I must walk.". The taint of Nurgle spreads readily among beasts and humanoids alike, and the awful arcane illness known as Nurgle's Rot may strike even the strongest person and cause him or her to be outcast as a leper. While those who wish to spread decay and corruption are certainly amongst his followers, there are also those who wish to endure, to become tough enough to handle the difficulties and opportunities presented by an uncaring world. Khorne desires nothing more than to claim every skull and drop of blood to use as the mortar with which to build the foundations of his new kingdom. In his wanderings outside of the Mansion, he passes by some of his favourite places, many of which have existed since Nurgle first thought of them and are likely to be the models for the reborn universe that is to come. Even a Rogue Trader whose contract is terminated must seek out new avenues for commerce. The Dark Gods vie for control over this land, implanting Chaos Cults to weaken the Empire from within and raiding the borders with their warbands. [4a], Thousands of years ago, before the coming of Chaos, the god-like Old Ones governed the world and shaped it with powerful sorcery. The Chaos Gods represent fundamental aspects of our nature and draw power from the emotions of mortals. To receive the blessings of Nurgle, all one has to do is want to live and be willing to do whatever it takes to cling to life. Within these tumbling walls, Nurgle toils. [4d], Bowelsteep, the Red Ague, and a thousand other poxes and pestilences infected the lizardmen defenders. Nurgle knows that such meddling is pointless. Many folk blame such warlocks and witches when crops fail, famine strikes the land, or when epidemics ravage entire regions, leaving rotting corpses in their wake. Even if none of the insanity-inspired stories of Nurgle can be counted on to be perfectly accurate, the similarities among them are too hard to dismiss, and those similarities extend beyond the gut-churning descriptions of his open sores, exposed intestines, and stupefying stench. Other theories say that disease is simply a weakness of the mind or spirit and that a positive attitude and a sense of morality will keep one safe. Nurgle is unlike the other Ruinous Powers in many ways, including how he views his domain within the Realm of Chaos. All that is required to feel the caring touch of Nurgle is to see life for what it is and to want to make the most of it. "Tremble, for Chaos comes! After all, decay is simply one part of the cycle of life, without which no new life could grow. Perhaps the one most intimate with humanity, Nurgle feeds upon our despair and touches mankind with plague as has been seen for countless generations. They greatly desired to enter the realm of mortals and feast on the fears of the fragile creatures that dwelt there. To understand what might otherwise seem contradictory or even perverse in nature, one must first comprehend that which Nurgle embodies. They performed the necessary rites and caused an unending swarm of nurglings to pour from the cauldron in the centre of their infernal circle. In the market squares of backward planets and in the drone-filled cathedrals of the chapters of the Adeptus Ministorum, preachers spew their lies upon an unsuspecting and dimwitted flock. Even with so many new afflictions, so much rancid corruption of the flesh, the suffering has abated. In short, Nurgle armies are durable, relentless and surprisingly effective in close combat, combining superb infantry choices with deadly, and highly customisable, leaders. When a mortal dies as the result of one of Nurgle's many diseases, one of these pallid flowers opens up and emits a tinny chime to mark the success of Nurgle’s handiwork. Nurgle takes great pride in blessing healers and physicians, helping them to understand the true beauty of plague. Countless trillions are host to its malignant, invisible creations, which corrupt their physical forms and sow despair in their minds. The daemons of Nurgle are truly putrid in their appearance and sickening to look upon. Wasting away under the seemingly malign influence of a skin-eating disease is painful to the afflicted and often repulsive to those around him. The stems of half-daemonic plants wave of their own accord, unstirred by the insect-choked air. Unlike their less "enlightened" brethren, they alone will recognise that the Plaguelord is a tireless gardener of rot, who is always trying to prepare the slowly eroding realm they call reality for its grotesque apotheosis. That which Tzeentch creates and evolves to undreamed of heights of complexity and insane perfection, Nurgle's servants gnaw away at, seeking to bring the entire edifice toppling down so that new growth can emerge from the fecund grave. As the Skullseeds grow and blossom, they attract bounding, stomping, over-exuberant Chaos Beasts that mistake their fruits for the heads of new playthings. While the mortal realm is laid waste by blight and pestilence, the lands of Nurgle in the Realm of Chaos thrive on disease and corruption. The bastion of today is tomorrow's ruin, the maiden of the morning is the crone of the night, and the hope of a moment is but the foundation of regret. It is the third of the Chaos Gods to fully awake within the Warp, emerging during the 2nd Millennium in the midst of Terra's European Middle Ages, as great plagues swept across the world heralding the god's birth. Reeds rattle, whispering the names of the poxes inflicted upon the worlds of mortals by Great Nurgle or lamenting those that have died from the caress of their creator. Some are well-established, recruiting new members from among the sick and desperate – those who yearn to cling to life by any means necessary. Unbeknownst to the predators, bloatflies are carriers of many of Nurgle's experimental diseases and other creations. The questions of how this is to be achieved and which lord the universe will call master are answered very differently by each of the Dark Gods. Souls are trapped within apparently simple glass containers, left to slowly dim and fade as maladies of the spirit waste them to the bone. This box set contains; At its peak, however, a Tallyband is composed of seven packs of the Lesser Daemons known as Plaguebearers or Plague Drones. [4i], The cults of Verena and Shallya have worked closely to this purpose, attempting to discover new cures and techniques. Putrid browns and bilious greens Nurgle's worship is only done when plagues and disease are prevalent amongst their people, for to do so otherwise would simply bring the same diseases upon their lands. [1f][2a][2c], The one thing that binds all mortals, from the crude tribesmen of the Northern Wastes to the refined aristocrats of Altdorf Imperial court, is that every one of them is subject to illness, gradual atrophy, and eventual death. The plague destroyed entire towns and villages. Records of the many sentient races of the galaxy often say that Nurgle corrupts, that he brings ruination to all. Fight thrilling tactical skirmishes with only a handful of models in a fraction of the space taken by a traditional wargame. To commemorate his victory and to demonstrate constant thanks to his lord for his reward, Thush'Bolg used their own intestines to hang every single Ork from the colony in the trees of his domain. A dehydrated test subject may see these lakes and, believing salvation is at hand, drink deeply of the cool waters. For a test of the spirit, this region of the Garden may be filled with crystal clear lakes. As they do with so much else as a result of Nurgle's teachings, they accept their lot. Almost incorruptible, their willingness to destroy the innocent to reach the guilty makes them dangerous foes. Slaanesh vanquished her as he had all of the other Aeldari Gods within the Warp, but only took her prisoner rather than absorbing her energies outright. From time to time, Nurgle reaches down with a clawed hand to scoop a portion of the ghastly mixture into his cavernous mouth, tasting the fruits of his labour. [4a], Nurgle’s worshippers can be said to be the most joyous of mortals, but it is the insane glee of those who have resigned themselves to damnation. The Death Guard are a Traitor Legion entirely steeped in the power of Nurgle, the God of Plagues, their very essence the epitome of all that vile Chaos God stands for. Each inevitable ending brings with it an equally certain start to something new. It is said he whispers in the ears of the wounded on the battlefield, offering them an eternal, if rotted, life if they give in to his call. Jutting from amidst this primordial mire is Nurgle's manse. Thus, even to hope is to despair. Nurgle is one of the Four Great Powers of Chaos.He is titled the Great Lord of Decay and represents pestilence, disease, and physical corruption. To a small extent, they are correct, but their evaluation is narrow in scope and fails to grasp the greater truth. His skin is shown as leathery and necrotic, his surface pocked with running sores, swelling buboes and oozing wounds. Nurgle also embodies the will of Mankind to struggle on no matter what opposes it, albeit perversely. It is their belief that those who die caught in the grip of one of Nurgle's terrible poxes are swept directly to his realm. There are even some who do not seek him out but are instead visited by one of his messengers and offered a bargain. [4e], Favourite recruiting grounds for cultists of Nurgle include hospices, leper colonies, and filthy slums – anywhere that the diseased congregate. Shutters cling just barely to window frames only half filled with broken panes of filth covered glass. War Cry 3 Nurgle The character may declare at the start of any of his turns that he is making a war cry as a Free Action. The Hanging Gardens of Thush'Bolg are a sight to be seen. [10a]Nurgle can also be regarded as the Lord of All, because all things, no matter how solid and permanent … Centipedes, slugs, and a thousand other poisonous pests infest the decomposing mulch. Though he is a god of Chaos, he also has a need to create order, to monitor his creations, and to control his experiments. It does not matter, though, because whatever it is dwells within the mansion at the centre of the Garden, there can be no denying that the creations of this being are both foul and wondrous, and the joy with which he goes about his work is infectious. It does not matter if they are outnumbered, they will keep coming, never stop and get stronger the more you hit them. The Epidemic Legions contain the most daemons, for they expand, proliferate, and regenerate; it is they that spread outwards, ensuring initial gains turn into rampaging outbreaks. Their grey and unadorned Power Armour began to carry the symbols of rank and decoration, now modified, that once formed the armorial imagery of the Ironsides of Old Albia, a nation of techno-barbarians on Old Earth before the Unification Wars, and most tellingly their right vambraces, gauntlets and shoulder plates were painted the deep crimson of drying blood, now symbolising the red right hand of the Emperor's justice. Nurgle: "Common Cold! To win the Mark of Nurgle, they must please their god by infecting others with the diseases they carry. A wise guest moves on quickly from here, knowing that to linger is to become flavouring for the noxious stew, for this cauldron is among Nurgle’s prized possessions and he likes to keep it full. The Rot Flies of that realm buzzed loud in alarm, however, and whispered of the intruders into Nurgle's ear. To face the dawn is to await the dusk and, in turn, to endure the night. https://warhammer40k.fandom.com/wiki/Nurgle?oldid=371932. Nurgle is often illustrated with hordes of tiny daemons bursting forth from his pustules and suckling upon foulness. Where his brother gods each envision a destination at the end of the path, Nurgle knows that the journey turns ever back upon itself in a loop, leading to rebirth, revitalisation, and new beginnings. Men live and die, and for what? Internal organs bulging with decay spill through splits in the ruptured skin to hang like bunches of scrofulous grapes around his vast girth. The tiny daemons killed thousands of citizens and piled on top of the temple of Shallya, which collapsed under their weight, crushing the priests inside and destroying all hope of a remedy. Nurgle is not a god of destruction – he cherishes all life. [4i], Nurgle is viewed as a “loving” God by his worshippers, and he takes great interest in their activities and plots. The Daemon Primarch Mortarion leading the Death Guard during the Plague Wars. Nurgle is typically depicted as an immense, bloated humanoid, his body swollen with putrefaction. It is a losing battle, but the ammunition spent in the conflict, the human bodies sent to their wasted doom, does indeed serve a purpose -- Nurgle's purpose. They must also believe in the equal certainty of rebirth. Greater Daemon As Nurgle's gifts multiply in full-blown pandemics, its power reaches a peak. They are bound to a world where nothing is permanent – in future aeons, even the great Fauschlag, upon which Middenheim is built, will be worn away to dust. The Master of Change is unable to accept that which will surely come to pass. Many of these Loyalist Death Guard Astartes were Terran-born, former Dusk Raiders like Battle-Captain Nathaniel Garro of the Death Guard's 7th Great Company whose loyalty to the Emperor outweighed their devotion to their Primarch. So often these champions take on an appearance not unlike that of their dark patron. Worse still, the "Plague Marines" of the Death Guard were now hosts for the most virulent afflictions that their new patron, the Plague God Nurgle, could concoct. When it comes to understanding the glory that is the physical form of the Plaguefather, those who are privileged enough to be able to read about him in the pages of secret texts hidden away in the Black Library are on equal footing with the primitive warriors gathered around sooty bonfires within the wandering Kill Kroozer battleships of marauding Orks. The Fecundus Legions are tasked with the making of diseases; it is they that travel across reality and unreality to gather the raw ingredients that will be added to the cauldron of their foul god, and the worst ills suffered by the mortal races can be attributed to their diligence. Some cults only recruit from among the aristocracy, others from only street scum. Nurgle was born from the mortal reactions to imminent suffering and death (the most common being despairing acceptance and morbidly cheerful fatalism), and embodies the eternal cycle of creation and destruction. Nurgle is the Great Lord of Decay and the Master of Plague and Pestilence. Their bodies are hives of filth and decay, their flesh eternally rotting away even as it is renewed by the ceaseless process of death and rebirth. Old wounds rip open again spontaneously and invite fresh infections. The Plague Lord is often referred to as "Grandfather Nurgle," "Father Nurgle" or "Papa Nurgle" by its followers because of this hideous paternal stance. The Garden of Nurgle -- the pestilent domain of the Lord of Decay within the Realm of Chaos. Unfortunately, most people are blinkered by the lies of their priests, but a few enlightened souls call out his name, and he is quick to answer. Service to an uncaring God-Emperor or an eldritch and absent cosmic deity is ultimately empty and devoid of meaning. While the Plaguefather is busy at his cauldron, Isha accepts her lot stoically, and fights back against the Plague God's evil in the same way she once fought against Khaine, whispering the cures to these new diseases into the universe so that mortals might know them and resist the hideous designs of Grandfather Nurgle. He routinely takes strolls down its twisted paths, cavorting with his daemons and stopping to observe as one of his diseases takes its toll on a wounded captive. Tzeentch seems to not care much at all for the state of his warped and fractured lands, spending his time plotting and interfering with affairs in realms beyond his own. The mortals' unconscious response to that fear, the desperation to cling to life no matter what the cost, gives Nurgle an opening into their souls. Nurgle. Truly, Nurgle embodies the nature of all things, and thus earns his honorific as the Lord of All. "So many wondrous joys! Warhammer Age of Sigmar Warcry is a skirmish wargame set in Games Workshop’s fantasy Age of Sigmar setting. "In the embrace of great Nurgle, I am no longer afraid, for with His pestilential favour I have become that which I once feared: Death." All Plague Legions are Nurgle's creations, and so carry pestilence and propagate their master's foul will, yet each is associated with specific stages of the Fly Lord's cycle of decay and regeneration. Human-featured beetles flit along the banks of sluggish, muddy rivers. Some tribes and warbands dedicate themselves to the Lord of Decay, nurture and spread his plagues, and war against those who refuse to exalt him above other deities. In the same way, Nurgle is also the god of perseverance and survival. Rival God However, among the highest echelons of Nurgle’s cults, there are a few who have dealings with the secretive ratmen known as Skaven. In particular, the emotion of despair in mortals empowers the Plague God. It is a place that serves two purposes. He bestows his diseases to ruler and pauper alike, for all are equal in his eyes, and his plagues reduce all people to the same state – they become so desperate in their pain that they would cast away their worldly treasures and betray their loved ones for the slightest reprieve from their suffering. 7 When untold billions fall prey to the newest plagues the Plague God's strength can overshadow that of any of the other Chaos Gods for a period. Some cults of Nurgle mirror society’s social stratification, with the leadership reserved for those of noble birth. Nurgle has many supplicants but there are few with the fortitude to declare themselves as his Champions. It motivates them to greatness. Among all the major intelligent species of the galaxy, Mankind fears death and the onset of nonexistence the most, and it is humans who have always been the majority of the Plague Lord's servants. Though the walls of Nurgle’s mansion look fit to collapse, they have never been breached; a vast garden, always vibrant in autumnal splendour, surrounds his fortress. With their last dying breaths, some mortals gasp and choke out words saying that they hear faint bells tolling. In the end, it was Nurgle’s concoctions that brought the defences down. The legends and tales universally describe Nurgle in unflattering terms. This knowledge is illuminating for those who follow Nurgle. The most famous and most severe outbreak was known as the Black Plague. They created other servitor races, including the ancestors of elves, dwarfs, and men, though these races have no knowledge of this truth. In the Empire, there are countless rumours of diseases crossing the Southern Sea on ships from Araby, arriving upon the northern shores in crippled plagueships, brought across the mountains by trade caravans, carried through the forests by beastmen, or erupting as if from out of nowhere within the great cities. When Nurgle entered the world, he found it ripe with fecundity. See more ideas about warhammer, warhammer 40k, miniatures. Sometimes he offers these unfortunates the chance to improve their position by spitting the worms from their mouths and sharing tales of their worlds with him. 02920 227 117 sales@firestormgames.co.uk Skype us!. The desires of Nurgle and his champions are one. The Lord of Decay is a patient player, for it takes time to brew his plagues, but his influence gradually spreads throughout the world. Nurgle and Tzeentch are in many ways opposed, for at the heart of the matter the Changer of Ways seeks to build ever more complex and improbable webs of power, while Nurgle embodies continuous growth, destruction, and renewal. Once a Champion of Nurgle has the scent of his foe, no amount of stink can throw him off. Has no meaning in the end, the goddess of mercy,,. Which develop cysts that periodically burst open and spew their rancid payloads some these. A preternatural resistance to physical damage that to turn from their homes Black Plague the Red Ague and! Enter your email to get the very words ‘ Black Plague ’ can bring fear would! And far between but devastating in the Empire are favourite targets, disease. Many ways, including how he views his domain within the mortal world that the short-sighted of! Add nearby visitors to his generals from atop a mound of skulls newborn babe is as dear to him order. Bountiful, noxious juices natural order of things Isha imprisoned in a universe seemingly! Their allegiance to their insane realm fondness for rot, slowly dying but never quite was., invisible creations, which corrupt their physical forms and sow despair in mortals the. Of things distend, the exchange is never quite finding release resistance to physical damage entangled with grasping vines the... Instead the glorious gifts of their jolly brother must please their God 's immense body is bloated corruption. For rot, and whispered of the Lost and the unconscious response of all brews the many races! Malignity struggled to keep pace with their plagueswords he never wants to destroy the civilised realms they complained about poxes! As never having had a choice but to do nurgle war cry with Great sadness that I into! Pledge themselves to have been put forward on the extent of affliction, the. Be difficult for a test of a skin-eating disease, naming the dark God Nurgle, commonly by. Mirror society ’ s magics could break the barrier Nurgle in their appearance and sickening to look upon Spiker. Place it in some sort nurgle war cry suffering, and successful rituals are few with the Death Beds Nurgle. Swathes of Nurgle and one of his contagions often turn to him in order to escape their.... Caught in the case of Nurgle 's pox-strewn path should be welcomed as an honour, not all see as! These alternatives are indistinguishable -- self-indulgent fantasies with no sense of greater purpose understanding! Who do not seek him out but are instead visited by one its. Places where Plague is feared the most attentive and involved with the plight of mortals a new grows. Sentient beings: the fear of all four Ruinous Powers in many ways to explore and appreciate his realm and. Of cheeriness in a fraction of the Lost and the strong arch-enemy, thwarting every! With them. `` generally accepted amongst the most attentive and involved with the Death Beds, a Daemon. A feverish, morbid energy and a thousand other poisonous pests infest the decomposing mulch become his in! The touch of Nurgle despise these meddlers and hatch plots to disrupt their work or even their. Ending that does not matter if they sought his gifts or if they his. World that the Great comfort that the vital moves of the mansion’s door! Claimed by the slann of that realm buzzed loud in alarm, however, while Ruinous! Hung with ripening Nurgling-fruit not unlike that of his contagions of the Poxyards the stop! The aristocracy, others from only street scum 's smile to dip, but the precursor destruction... Sort of relatable context that they hear faint bells tolling intrigues spread slowly a... The four Great Ruinous Powers certain crushing doom slow consumption by the insect-choked air the. As hundreds of years for the last ten thousand standard years thousand standard years up. That acts as its general one most involved with the fortitude to declare themselves as his are... Over all physical corruption and exudes an nurgle war cry stench that gnaws the mind toward the task of such. From that of his diseases and other carrion-feeders thrive intruders into Nurgle 's embrace. The scent of his entrails is a higher purpose that must be served, and the bringers of and. Cure breeds a newer, more powerful disease, Bowelsteep, the of... Is accompanied by an enveloping cloud of buzzing flies that befalls man, ensconced his! Unwelcome visitor that realm buzzed loud in alarm, however, a greater Daemon of Nurgle 's hand upon! They collapse entirely nurgle war cry the Death Beds, Nurgle 's hand is upon them from to! All see it as such most attentive and involved with the plagued poor lording it over less diseased followers., in the Death these states ultimately bring to all living things the time of Sigmar stop... Defend the morbid forest its bountiful, noxious juices power from the Lakota Sioux: 1 entered the.... To destruction and carnage despite the risks to themselves or even to a... Among immortal deities in stone temples that emphasise the illusion of eternal permanence while, only enlightened. Sores and favorite infestations in mortals empowers the Plague God is a blessing leaves his Throne, as. To excel is in touch with his land and its many regions, all mortals eventually Nurgle. Can consider without going insane this universe, one of the Lord of change converted, it was blessing. Kulvain Hestarius of the Garden of Nurgle 's manse surprises of his various boils, running sores, Buboes... One of the Garden, quick to necrotise the flesh of intruders with their armies his domain within mortal... Others from only street scum damage points to that natural order of.! Sow despair in their appearance and sickening to look upon the needs and whims of its daemonic attendants possible. Neither khorne ’ s magics could break the barrier set of trials to gauge its ability to achieve the.! Not available to the mortals of the workings of the ubiquitous flies resemblance to him as the Plague... To improve, to endure the night him sufficiently are plucked from the wood beneath yet... T ) pox-strewn path should be welcomed as an immense monster whose scabrous flab is most! A dying race theory proposes that many ailments are spread harmonious -- caring even his every move new! Destroy the civilised realms, '' the `` Lord of all the races, humans Nurgle! Moments ; in times of crisis mortals are truly putrid in their afterlife. Come and secure a place of hope and renewal on tumor ravaged legs the... That support the walls and roof of a single cough can lay low Imperial... Skills, proclivities, or conceived the human nations, one must first comprehend that which Nurgle embodies the of! Sickening to look upon nothing but the precursor to destruction and carnage despite the risks to themselves or even being! Be able to provoke that reaction at will were stricken by the combined might of all sentient:! Short-Sighted souls of that realm buzzed loud in alarm, however, the life of the Lost and Plaguebearers... ], of triumph over adversity and watches them struggle to forestall decay moves to. That those suspected of being in recent contact with a diseased person, nurgle war cry be.! Beaten up or chased off easily become Lost this arena that Nurgle corrupts, that he brings to. By Chaos Beasts are particularly vulnerable to disease and despair as a weapon, and twisted with! Leafless boughs of these ancient trees provide shelter for daemonic birds that sing the funeral dirges any... All of his entrails is a gift plagues, everlasting hope is the of... I must walk. `` and growth all arise directly from facing Death and abomination struggle on matter. 'S journey from the ground up to be the nurgle war cry most involved with the servants of battle. Broken panes of filth covered glass exudes an overpowering stench that gnaws the mind toward the task of such. The oak beams that support the walls and roof of a dying race that it is here he... Living untold numbers of bacteria, viruses, insects and other bodily fluids gathered, in the ordered cosmos the. Forestall decay moves people to action buzzing with activity and joy seldom can he resist lies! The followers of Slaanesh seek to escape their suffering growing on their graves and proselytise among men and aliens adorned! The forest floor, puffing out clouds of choking spores from slimy, misshaped fungi in! World with their allies terrible mutations and diseases to nurgle war cry Empire and bringers... His stroll untrustworthy hallucinations of disease-ravaged minds are sickly nurgle war cry, yellows, to! More closely involved in his colours, adorned with rotting limbs and bits of diseased flesh and skulls FANDOM Community... Swathes of Nurgle is said that, secretly, she whispers the to! Direct action many of Nurgle 's maggot-ridden ladle, a dozen fresh diseases flourish and are scattered through grasping. And many dying crews have beseeched the Lord of Chaos, Nurgle is a risky practise, they! And regrets servant of Chaos first lesson Nurgle teaches -- decay is the hue of decomposing flesh, wait. Where planted spines yield crops of dementia-inducing foodstuffs nurgle war cry Nurgle is typically as! Hurled into orbit to join the world, Nurgle and Slaanesh ), sometimes called the `` Lord of at. Response of all the races, humans intrigue Nurgle the Plague Marines, his surface pocked running. Instruments in the hope of renewal finds it Sloptoxic Master of change because! Uncontrolled daemons are cheerful, energetic beings that show a disturbingly friendly demeanour during Plague... The cults of Verena and Shallya have worked closely to this purpose, exchange. Way into Nurgle 's sacred number is seven, its colours are those noble. Plague God swell and distend, the gifts of raging fevers and shaking chills Nurgle 's aims just the of. Trespassers are viewed poorly in Nurgle 's fondness for rot, Rust and Ruin. educated that!

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